Hey guys! I'm Dr. Sha-Lai aka Dr. S

Welcome to my corner of the world!  If you've been hanging out with me for the past year (2021 in particular), you know this has been my self-proclaimed #butterfly year - a year of life-changing metamorphosis and transformation.  You've had a front row seat to my coming out party, and have watched me divorce people, places, and things that I'd previously allowed to hold me in bondage.  Well, no longer!!  I finally realized that I actually want to WALK in the liberty that I've been given in Christ.  How about you??!  Wanna join me?


I now see that my past and pain were necessary to position my purpose.  Those events have birthed a heartfelt desire and ministry to help others, especially women, break free from the unaddressed and unhealed traumatic experiences that are keeping them bound.  Whether it's fear, insecurities, feelings of rejection and abandonment, dealing with broken homes or relationships, or a host of other feelings and situations, I can relate and I want to share my journey with you.   

My vision is the creation of a divinely connected community of women who are actively pursuing and living in their God-given freedom, passion, and purpose.  My mission is to assist in dismantling the emotional, spiritual, and cultural barriers of trauma and tradition that often prevent women from pursuing and living in their complete liberty and freedom.  Thus, every event, service, and product connected with About FACE Collaborative LLC has one goal and that's to help you discover and #BeYourBestYou


As a licensed therapist with a clinical background that spans 25 years, I utilize my personal experience and professional expertise to serve you as a life strategist, transformational speaker, published author, entrepreneur, and passionate and enthusiastic teacher of many topics, including the Word of God.  Motivated and led by Ephesians 4:12, I provide relevant information, essential tools, and tangible strategies that will help you determine and attain your personal freedom, passion, and purpose.


Are you finally sick and tired of being bound?  Ready to become unstuckExcited to walk in true freedom and liberty?

Then join me on this journey of self-discovery to healing, freedom, and greatness.  


Be blessed, Dr. S

About F.A.C.E. Collaborative, LLC currently hosts the following events and products listed below.  Be sure to subscribe to our mailing list for monthly updates.


As your Life Strategist, I want to help you birth out your God-given purpose. Utilizing the 4E method, I provide relevant information, essential tools and tangible strategies to help you achieve your personal freedom, passion, and purpose(s).

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Join me for interactive discussions about various topics impacting today's Christian and the modern-day church.  Whether it's pressing and often taboo or ignored topics in today's church, or a mini-therapeutic session, or a Bible study, you don't want to miss it. 

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Roar like a Lioness

Join us for this exciting and encouraging annual women's conference that includes general and breakout sessions about relevant topics that are affecting us as women on a daily basis. 

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ARISE Devotional

With a 52-week and two 28-day options, this unique and interactive devotional and journal combination incorporates the word of God, thought-provoking questions, and space to write all that the Lord reveals to you during your quiet time with Him.  It can be used for both personal and/or group bible study as a means to encourage, educate, and benefit the saints of God.

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A one-night, intimate event for a small group of ladies who need to talk about real issues, in real time, with real people.  Sometimes you just need to get away and have a space to bare it all among like-minded sisters.  This is your opportunity to do just that!


CShirts_Apparel is a Christian t-shirt (and hoodie and mugs!) line for individuals who want to engage others in meaningful conversations about Jesus Christ through spirit*fed*fashion.  Often times we would like to share our love for Jesus and/or our testimony with others, but we don't know how.  CShirts_Apparel offers catchy designs for women, men, and kids that can be everyday conversation starters wherever you go.

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